About Us


About Us

Everyone needs help, regardless of how high or how low they are in our societies and everyone can provide help no matter how big or small.

The challenges facing countries with developing economies can be enormous and the socio-economic development challenges can be overwhelming but overcoming these socio-economic development challenges is not impossible. However, it would take a concerted effort from all sectors of society: Governments, Corporates and individuals working together for a better society.

Royalty Life Foundation NPC was established in October 2018 with the aim of fighting poverty, creating sustainability and fostering unity in different communities across South Africa and Africa.

With the increasing the level of poverty, unemployment, and the critical conditions that people in Africa live under and the lack of skills training among youths, Royalty Life Foundation is established to help bridge the gap of unemployment and poverty in all communities and at the same time strengthening our democracy and creating sustainability.

Through our social media platform on Facebook Royalty Life foundation: Helpers & Needy, we recreate an atmosphere of compassion and love, where people offer and get support on the basic and essential things necessary for life. Where people can offer their skills, training, offer their product at give-away prices for support purposes, offer support of any form and simply give.

Our Objectives

To give everyone equal opportunity to a life of royalty. Enable peaceful society, with provision for the needy, skills development and employment opportunities for the youth and unemployed.

Our Vision

A place Compassion & Love. A place of support without borders.

Our Mission

  • To create a platform for compassion and love.
  • Provide support for the basic necessities of life, of food, shelter and health.
  • To create a platform of support without borders
  • Strive towards achieving a poverty free society, developing skills and empowerment to the less fortunate.
  • Better social welfare, education and the provision of Job opportunities to the unemployed.
  • To Promote peace, unity and social among families and communities.
  • Provide support for the medically challenged.

Core Values

  • Provide support
  • Care and compassion
  • Foster peace and unity
  • Build open and credible relationship with stakeholders
  • Pursue growth and learning
  • Embrace and drive change

Our Team

We’re a group of passionate people helping lives around.

Director & CEO

Matthew Olugbemi

Director & CEO
Director & MD

Zanele Dlamini

Director & MD
Director & COO

Olaoluwa Osunkunle

Director & COO


Disaster Relief

The provision of disaster relief

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution assistance to factions, communities and organisations

Rescue and Care

Rescue or care of persons in distress. Orphanages and old age homes

Poverty Relief

The provision of poverty relief

Community development

Community development for poor and needy persons

Rehabilitaion Support

Provide support for drug abuse rehabilitation



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